What’s Hot In Web Design For The Year Ahead?

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Are you a novice web designer or have years of experience in designing different websites?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you have hands-on experience or a new in the industry of web designing; it is must to follow latest web design trends that make web designing much simpler in terms of user-interface.

This year and a year ahead, there are a lot of new styles and layouts that are trending in the market. At the time of designing website, keeping these in mind will be tactically useful.

Let’s have a look at what’s hot and trending in web design for the year ahead?

Ghost Buttons

In the recent times, Ghost Buttons has gained huge popularity in the market, and it is considered as the fastest growing trend of web designing industry.

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It is one such style that follows the footsteps of flat UI design, where buttons make use of single color background with an apparently 2-dimensional appearance.

However, these buttons are mainly designed to be unfilled or semi-transparent by default. These buttons are known for lighting up on float that adds some of the colors and unique disrepute to the design style.

Often these buttons look like boxes with colorful borders as designers are developing the “button” look by rounding corners and making use of extra padding across the text.

Galleries & Slideshows

We all know that contemporary websites are capable of running unique galleries and media slideshows on any screen size. Now, mobile smartphone browsers come so far combined with responsive design techniques.

image credit : wikimedia.org

For a new and novice web designer, it is easily possible to choose a simple responsive carousel plugin and code it right in any layout with ease. However, code libraries are released for free of cost and open source plugins come with unique documentation.

The frontend development becomes easier with jQuery and this trend has gained huge popularity in the market. As time passes, it appears that jQuery is an instant and effective way to develop galleries. You will only need some of the best images and time to play with the setup.

Responsive Design

With constant usage of mobile, this trend has got huge influence as we have seen that responsive web design becoming the new standard.

For any modern business opposing in today’s digital scenery, it is important consideration to have a responsive website. Now, it is more essential to deliver a flawless experience across all of your channels.

We all know that website is the shopfront of your business, so it is important that they are no barriers placed between it and the customer. If you have a clunky and unresponsive website, it will force your visitors to abandon your site and go to a competitor, who has a mobile friendly website.

Now, it becomes clear that having a responsive website is not a trend, but a new standard to stud the legs for 2015.

Making Use of Background Video

MyProvence Festival
image credit : myprovence.fr

In the recent time, the use of HTML5 videos that run in the background of the web pages become extremely popular, and this trend will continue to rule the heart of designers. The enlarged use of videos to tell a story in the direct way is becoming more common as web design simplifies and attention distance get smaller.


Rich and great typography becomes a dominating design element in 2015 and it will continue to be dominating in 2016 as well. These days, font types become extremely affordable and obtainable easily, so thanks to Google fonts.


However, it means that designers can be creative and innovative with their type setting. Moreover, the addition of an interesting type-centric templates included in WordPress themes is helping this trend to develop.

To add personality to any website, making use of unique fonts is the best way. In addition to this, the growth of it can be seen through infogrpahics.

Feature List Icons

In order to outline their features, mobile applications, startups and creative agencies are making use of graphics and block text. Many a time, you will find these features on the homepage in a list of strong sentences coupled with small icons.

Still, this trend has not got any official name, but a lot of designers have named it feature lists. Moreover, it is a text-based list that mainly relies on icons to help describe the features.

list buttons

Features list can also comprise with the services that offered by a startup or the individuality of a part of software. This trend has gained huge attention of people and a lot of websites have adopted this trend for their website.

Card Design

The rise in the mobile usage also increase the popularity of card design websites as it is one such web design format of displaying information in modular bite-size panels.

Importantly, these panels are small strong web pages that come with huge text, a user name, an image and different share icons.


However, the design layout is the best format for designers to work with because it is easily possible to rearrange panels in a clean and simple fashion, which provides a completely uniform look.

Hero Images

A hero image is a big and visually attractive background image, which was extremely popular from 2014, but it is set to continue in to coming year.

Hero Image

When it comes to talking about the word hero image, it was taken from the print industry and refers to one such image, which takes a complete page of a publication to wow the reader.

We all have seen a lot of new trends in the recent times, but making use of introductory image as well as video on the homepage with least text are the most popular trend. This design enables content to be showed highly and engages people, motivating them to stay and explore the websites.


There are many such trends that are emerging in the market, but above-mentioned trends bring huge change in the web design industry. Adopting these latest trends can make your web designing more accurate and easy as these trends will continue to be so far the year ahead.

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