10 Recommended HTML5 Animation Tools for Designers

Without any doubt, HTML5 is one of the most used and accepted languages by web designers and developers.

HTML5 comes with some of the fabulous features like attractive visual elements, cross browser compatibility, integration of cascading style sheet, support for script and so on.

Some of the best and latest factors are added like audio, video and animation to the HTML5. Now, this browser cannot rely on plug-in for showing interactive animations.

With deadly animation of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, one can easily create marvelous animations. Such animation makes your site eye-catchy.

Creating animation is easy with different types of tools given below. Check out list below.

Node Fire


Node Fire is the best responsive animation tool for both standalone applications and web application.

The best thing is it lift heavy by their own through handling mouse automatically
It does all the heavy lifting by automatically handling mouse and touch events with a delay timer support.

With this tool designer can animate any CSS styles and can track animation changes in design mode.

One can easily create, delete, and add windows. Even, play and pause windows can be possible when an event happens.

Download: http://www.nodefire.com/



Are you looking for software tool for designing? Your search is over. As we have found Mixeek, software tool for designing and web animations execution and interactive animated web applications.

This tool is purely based on CSS3, JavaScript and HTML5. It is best alternative to popular paid animation software tools.

Download: http://sur.ly/o/mixeek.com/

HTML5 Maker

js swf Animations

A free online animation editor, HTML5 Maker is best for amateurs or pros. The best thing about HTML5 Maker is it supports all popular text filters and thus, one shouldn’t have to require using Photoshop for developing coolest text.

HTML5 Maker enables to make amazing animation that supports impressive transitions. This tool provides you a full control over your animation.

Download: http://html5maker.com/

Tumult Hype


By using Tumult Hype, designers can easily develop HTML5 web content.

Content and animations that created with Tumult Hype can work on smartphones, iPads, desktops, etc. No coding required.

Download: http://tumult.com/hype/

Sencha Animator


Now, developing cutting edge interactive CSS3 animations and embed them become easy with Sencha Animator.

This tool enables to create animated text and images with design buttons, smooth transitions and of course, interactive animations.

Download: http://www.sencha.com/products/animator


GreenSock   GSAP

GSAP is one of the best suite of tools used for high-performance HTML5 animations, worked on all browsers.

Its powerful library has API efficiency, advanced sequencing and tight control.

One can easily use animation for telling story with GSAP instead of settling for a few slides and fades.

Download: http://www.greensock.com/gsap-js/

Animatron Editor


Animatron Editor is one of the best tools for publishing and designing interactive content like infographics, creative animations, banners, etc. that play from mobile devices to computers.

Download: https://www.animatron.com/

Hippo Animator


Hippo Animator is an easy-to-learn editor that develops excellent animations with ease. Worked on both phone and tablets, this phone is best for beginners and experts.

The best thing is it uses vector graphics whenever possible. Using this tool shouldn’t need any previous scripting knowledge.

Hippo Animator also helps to develop slideshow by using fade, the image viewer object, slide between two images, etc.

Download: https://www.hippostudios.co/

Radi: Your Vector Graphics Tool


If you are looking for developing video, animation and real time graphics for Mac OS X then Radi is one of the best animation tools for you.

Designer shouldn’t have to worry about rendering a web page into a video file, if he/she is using Radi. He/she just has to create a <video> element and drag your layers into it.

It just has a unique feature that enables you to develop graphics directly in the app.

Download: http://radiapp.com/



blysk is another excellent animation tools that enables web designers to create best animations for their web page and make it more active on the internet.

This tool is available with the combination of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript that enables to develop animation like in an old animation tool.

No installation required for using in-cloud image library or in-built tools for drawing anything you want to.

It enables to scale, rotate, skew and animate by using open web technologies.

Download: http://bly.sk/

These are best HTML5 animation tools to adopt for creating attractive animation with ease.

If you are thinking to hire HTML5 animation developers for your project rather than using tools then contact Perception System now.


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