Why We Should Prefer HTML5 for Developing Games?


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HTML5 is a widely popular for developing every type of games. However, there are experienced developers believe that this technology is important for future.

It is believed that the role of HTML5 has been used to define and layout the web page’s text. Over some years, its role has developed to be more interactive.

This development furthers when HTML5 integrates some new spec, including definitions for several additional elements that aimed at multimedia, interactivity, and graphics.

The latest HTML5 elements are available with the faster and enhanced JavaScript engines in the latest browsers.

Moreover, developers also have a set of tools that suited for online game development.

Not only HTML5 technologies are suited for developing games, but also it delivers marvelous advantages over proprietary options.

Being an open source technology, it doesn’t cost you anything. Technical, it only needs a simple text editor for coding.

Flash and other proprietary technologies all charge the developer so, don’t underestimate the power of free. It is one of the important factors for Indian developers.

Additionally, it also has huge compatibility with other platforms.

HTML is the lowest denominator for all web-based devices. Thus, by using this, one can easily target many gadgets and devices without porting your game to each different platform.

Ease of use is another advantage one can have with HTML5. Technically savvy just have minor hassle of downloading, installing, and updating plug-ins. This becomes difficult for less technically savvy users.

Chart comparison – Flash Games vs. HTML5 Games

Flash vs. HTML5 Games

In above given, one can have Google Trends for the search term “flash games” and “html5 games”. We can come to know that “flash games” have been in steady decline for last 5 years while HTML5 games are growing from the last 3 years.

It is an interesting metric to know different between two technologies. It is researched that the monthly global search volume for “flash games” is about 11,100,000 while “html5 games” is 49,500.

Reasons to Have HTML5 for Game Development

Matured Smartphone Browsers

We all have an idea that smartphone browsers are powerful and support HTML5 games with ease. There are many HTML5-specific OS/browsers come in the market or will soon add, such as Tizen and Mozilla Firefox.

Here, browser compatibility and performance issues are the big concern for HTML5 game developers.

Low production Cost

Developers shouldn’t have to create multiple codebases for Android and iOS or any other platform. HTML5 enables to build once and use different times.

Thus, such things reduce game production cost and time as well.

Moreover, you have to require creating a wrapper to take full benefits of App Stores, however, it is just a fraction of game development efforts.

Increase in demand of games

There are many brands such as Progressive, HBO, McDonalds, etc. is adopting HTML5 for developing games.

Tizen Store also offers sizable fees for best quality HTML5 content. Amazon also makes efforts to start support and resources behind HTML5 games.

With this, we can see that the demand of HTML5 games rising high with ever-increasing set of publishers.

Social Sharing Becomes Easy

The sharing becomes easy of mobile web games, as there is no download and installation. Users just have to share the URL on social platforms and games can be shared on social networks.

No Marketing Cost

HTML5 game distribution partners, including mobile operating systems, phone carriers, mobile game portals, mobile messengers, etc.

Work off their income share just like online games. This means, one shouldn’t have to pay upfront marketing costs to market.

Online Games –Future Prediction

What do you think HTML5 is the end of plug-in based games? According to some estimation, HTML5 spec will not be fully implemented until 2022.

Browser makes are racing to all the functionality of HTML5 despite of long time frame.

Game developers have taken advantage of this and created numerous quality games that easily compete with their flash counterparts.

If we are considering the given advantages of HTML5 over Flash, we come to know HTML5 has a better future.


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