Should We Really Begin Developing Games using HTML5?

HTML5 Game Development

Many of you all may have asked this question a lot of times to yourself. Well, it is also true that various people are struggling with the idea of developing games in HTML5.

Many of them found it extremely difficult to explain to outsiders, why it is an extremely difficult question. Let’s discuss it.

Here, I am not going to ask what your personal answer should be about this question; however, I will try to give you in-depth information.

THe answer to be this question should be yes and the main reason is because of the upcoming WebGL support in iOS 8.

First Let’s discuss about some background

Perception System is a professional game development company with a lot of experience in designing and developing games for desktop and mobile.

From years, the company is known for developing a lot of advanced games for any possible mobile platform no matter whether it is smartphone or tablet or anything in between.

The company has a very passionate team of designers, developers and artists, who are capable of developing varied games.

We have noticed that more and more people prefer to play games from desktop to console, to desktop, to feature phone to console and back to mobile and tablet.

With casual games, it is always been moving much faster than hardcore games.

If it comes to the proper attention, it is all about timing, looking for the right audience, developing a community and quickly prototype, iterate and deploy a game.

Apart from this, they need to pay about 30% commission to Apple and Google for offering their stores as means of finding and distribution to players.

Then, what’s the deal with HTML5?

Maximum number of game developers, who develop games for mobile phones and tablets, are using different tools like Unity, Cocos2D(x) or proprietary game engines and frameworks.

They will have particular expectation of quality by doing so.

HTML5 being a web standard and driven by java-script, a lot of studios are not aware of the capacity and potential of offering fine technology for game developers.

There are not a lot of people, who are promoting the technology as its draft standard and poor support on mobile devices.

Why You are still talking about HTML 5?

There are lots of publishers, who used to develop their own channels and web portals. They would love to invest in fast players through ads and partner networks and so developing their networking of gamers.

They will be also possibility of playing games instantly or they enable them to download special installers on their portals.

The portals would be full off ads that will create revenue for the publishers. Using this revenue, they can hire game studios to build games.

With the 100.000s of visitors, they can attract more advertisers; therefore more revenue.

When it comes to talking about the casual games, they were built in Flash if you wanted to play them online.

Using installers, you could download and play games on your local desktop.

As everyone has started to move to smartphone as well as on tablets, the main aim of games becomes the mobile app stores. Gradually, the desktop has lost its interest.

With the lack of Flash support on mobile devices, it made these games less interesting to the normal. You can find some of the publishers, who have adapted to being a devise to the app stores.

It seems that there is no other way than to endeavor the app stores.

Knowing this that people will have least control lower margins and fewer insights. There are some publishers, who have coped with this alter and others have lost the clash.

WebGL Supports Changes All Things

We all know that WebGL is a java-script API to make 3D and 2D graphics in a browser without the requirement of plugins.

You may think that it is just a small feature in the HTML5 heap, but the need of support for WebGL is the major reason that game developers are holding off on HTML5.

Lots of developers are aware with their way around renderers, vertex buffers and all mambo jambo current game engines should deliver.

Google will follow curtly with Android supporting WebGl after Apple has approved using of WebGL in iOS.

If publishers are comprehend that what it will impact on mobile web games. There is only going to be a shift back from App stores to launch games to your own game portals again.

Making this a lot easier to make a profitable business case for publisher as there are some publishers, who have already in the process of reinventing web.

Do You Want to Develop In HTML5?

Most of the people are confident enough that alteration of technology on mobile phones and tablets can lead to a broader acceptance of HTML5.

Alternative portals for games can rise for once. So you know that it is going to be hassle as getting all the platforms running with a single version of code in the first few months?

The deprived performance on Android devices is a thing.

Lessons That You Should Learn

Remember that you are developing something that is not finished yet; therefore you will run into the stuff you though you fixed ages ago.

You should decrease your expectation while rapid prototyping of a game.

You should not try to develop your shooter until you are sure about that you have figured it out.

Gazillion devices, mean that even after launch, you will learn of new bugs.

You can’t find game coding standard for HTML5, so remember in mind, you are inventing something that has not been done earlier.

You should try Phaser, and learn from Pixi.js and admire Turbulenze. You know that these guyz are rocking.

Still thinking? If you are facing any problem while developing your game with HTML5, you can contact us as we have a professional team of HTML5 game developers, who can help you out in developing your desired game.


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