How to Install WordPress Blog Without Helps of Developer — Infographic

Are you using WordPress for your website or blog?

In this infographic, you can get step by step idea how to buy domain name, step-by-step wordpress blog installation process and theme installation.

Infographic Via Perception System


10 Recommended HTML5 Animation Tools for Designers

Without any doubt, HTML5 is one of the most used and accepted languages by web designers and developers.

HTML5 comes with some of the fabulous features like attractive visual elements, cross browser compatibility, integration of cascading style sheet, support for script and so on.

Some of the best and latest factors are added like audio, video and animation to the HTML5. Now, this browser cannot rely on plug-in for showing interactive animations.

With deadly animation of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, one can easily create marvelous animations. Such animation makes your site eye-catchy.

Creating animation is easy with different types of tools given below. Check out list below.

Node Fire


Node Fire is the best responsive animation tool for both standalone applications and web application.

The best thing is it lift heavy by their own through handling mouse automatically
It does all the heavy lifting by automatically handling mouse and touch events with a delay timer support.

With this tool designer can animate any CSS styles and can track animation changes in design mode.

One can easily create, delete, and add windows. Even, play and pause windows can be possible when an event happens.


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What’s Hot In Web Design For The Year Ahead?

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Are you a novice web designer or have years of experience in designing different websites?

Well, it doesn’t matter whether you have hands-on experience or a new in the industry of web designing; it is must to follow latest web design trends that make web designing much simpler in terms of user-interface.

This year and a year ahead, there are a lot of new styles and layouts that are trending in the market. At the time of designing website, keeping these in mind will be tactically useful.

Let’s have a look at what’s hot and trending in web design for the year ahead?

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