Top 7 WordPress Themes & Plugins For Hotels & Resorts In 2015

Are you working in the leisure and accommodation business?

If yes, you may know how important the design of your website is.

A lot of businessmen are considering it as the backbone of your online marketing campaign.

There is nothing that says “you will have the best time here” like an attractive website with beautiful pictures and smooth functionality. With a good WordPress theme and some of the best plugins, you can easily handle your work.

Well, it is true that selecting a right and perfect WordPress theme and plugin is not easily possible; therefore, we have listed some of the best and top ranked WordPress themes and plugins of 2015 that you should checkout:

WordPress Themes of 2015

Leisure – Hotel, Resort & Spa WordPress Theme

Leisure is a brand new trending WordPress Theme that exclusively release for the ThemeForest market. This high-end and feature rich theme especially designed for leisure businesses such as pools & spas, holiday resorts, golf clubs; however, it is also a good option for hotels and accommodation websites.


The best thing about this theme that it enables you to showcase striking landscapes and pull the visitors right in. There are two different menus – one simple and one visually attractive. Users of this theme can showcase the day, location, their logo and a weather forecast all inside the header for maximum visibility. Leisure offers you a kind footer, attractive photo galleries and a reservations feature.

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